Gliceria Marella de Villavicencio - Godmother of the Revolutionary Forces

Gliceria Marella de Villavicencio
May 13, 1852 - September 28, 1929
Oil Painting by LUNA

History should learn to record the grandeurs of the past
Which should not be destroyed by time but should forever last
Let not the ingratitude of man ignore the heroic deeds
Of men who gave their fortunes and loved ones for our needs.

Many heroes were born and entirely forgotten
Due to lack of appreciation from their close brethren
Some were victims of envy from high society
Some remained unsung as if by destiny.

The life of Marella should then not be left untold
To serve as inspiration to women, young and old.
So for once these articles are being gathered
For our New Society to ponder and to scatter.

                                             Edgardo I. Villavicencio
                                             February 1973

(Edgardo Villavicencio is the grandson of Gliceria Marella)

This is a tribute to Eulalio Villavicencio and his wife, Gliceria Marella de Villavicencio - a heroine of the Philippine Revolution. Dona Gliceria was born to one of the landed and wealthy family of Taal, Batangas. Together with her husband Eulalio Villavicencio, they contributed a great part of their fortune to help the revolutionary forces against Spain. 

In January 1892, four years before the Philippine-Spanish war erupted Eulalio went to Hong Kong and delivered P18,000.00 of the family's personal funds to Dr. Jose Rizal to finance his subversive propaganda movement against Spain. Eulalio brought back propaganda pamphlets and an ivory dagger given by Jose Rizal as a memento to Dona Gliceria. The Spaniards accused Eulalio of being a filibusterer and imprisoned him in the Old Bilibid Prison in Manila when his connections with the revolutionary movement had been confirmed. The Spaniards bargained with Gliceria to reveal the secrets of the Katipunan in exchange for the release of her husband.  She turned them down and replied "I love my husband as few wives can, but I would consider myself un-worthy of carrying his name if I will procure his liberty at the expense of his country's blood." Eulalio was eventually released after a year in prison but died of illness 3 months later due to his incarceration.

Dona Gliceria, also called "Aling Eriang" donated the family ship, the "SS Bulusan" which was purchased in 1893. It was the first warship of the Revolutionary Government. She was a founder of the Batallon Maluya, gave financial and moral support to the revolutionaries and continually provided food, clothing and ammunition to the soldiers. Her house became the secret meeting place of revolutionary leaders including Andres Bonifacio, General Miguel Malvar and General Marasigan. 

General Emilio Aguinaldo named Gliceria Marella de Villavicencio "Madrina-General de las Fuerzas Revolucionarios" on June 12, 1898  for her patriotism and contributions to the Philippine Revolution. A book entitled "Marella y la Inquietud Romantica de la Revolution" was written about her by Francisco Zaragoza in 1954 and includes a collection of statements by notable Filipinos namely: General Aguinaldo, Senator Claro M. Recto, Dra. Encarnacion Alzona, Dr. Ireneo Encarnacion (Aide de Camp of General Ananias Diokno) and others.

Gliceria Marella descended from Sebastian Marella and spouse Antonia Mangubat.
Born out of the union of Sebastian and Antonia were:
1 - Ramona, the youngest married to Feliciano de Leon
2 - Filomena, the 4th child married to Mariano Mitra
3 - Juan Marella married to Macaria Eugenio
4 - Paula married to Cecilio Noble
5 - Vicente Marella married to Gertrudis Legaspi
      Born out of this union were:
      a - Josefa married to Isabelo Villavicencio, widowed, then married to Agaton Orosa 
           Born out of the union of Josefa and Isabelo were:
           a.i. Jose married Vicenta Villavicencio
           a.ii. Trinidad buried at Lemery cemetery
           a.iii. Manuel Villavicencio married Felisa Atienza
           Born out of the union of Josefa and Agaton Buno Orosa were:
           b.i. Sophia Marella Orosa married Jose Macatangay
           b.ii. Vicente Marella Orosa, Sr. married to a Banaag
           b.iii. Mariano Orosa married Irene Calayag Gonzalez, then Gloria Punzalan
      b - Isais Marella
      c - Mariano Marella married to Agueda Encarnacion
      d - Gliceria Marella married to Eulalio Villavicencio
           Born of this union were:
           i. Mariquita married Gregorio Agoncillo
           ii. Vicenta married Captain Jose Villavicencio
           iii. Jose Villavicencio married Micaela Atienza
           iv. Rita married Senator Vicente Ilustre of the First Philippine Senate
           v. Sixto Villavicencio married Delfina Huerto Ilagan
           vi. Dr. Antonio Villavicencio died in New York at a young age of 25 years old.

Sixto Villavicencio had the following offsprings:
1) Ralph Villavicencio married Luchi Villanueva
2) Horacio Villavicencio married Raquel del Castillo
3) Edgar Villavicencio married Titang Fajardo
4) Weweng married Eddie Jacinto 
5) Maring married Paking Erana
6) Ligaya Villavicencio
7) Sincera "Iray" Villavicencio
8) Corazon "Baby" married Nonong Sto. Domingo
9) Sixto "Tito" Villavicencio, Jr. married Teresing Vargas

Captain Jose Villavicencio and Vicenta had the following offsprings:
1) Lilia Villavicencio
2) Montserrat "Monsy" married Geronimo "Jerry" Joven
3) Rodolfo "Popo" Villavicencio married Milagros Rulloda
4) Rosario "Rosie" Villavicencio
5) Dr. Natividad "Naty" Villavicencio

Manuel Villavicencio with Felisa Atienza had the following offsprings:
(Source: Juancho)

1) Irma Villavicencio married Luis "Baby" Martinez
2) Pepita Villavicencio married to Laurencio "Loring" Gueco
3) Capt. Manuel "Uling" Villavicencio, Jr. married to Amparo ??
4) Dr. Celso Villavicencio married to Mary ??
5) Atty. Jose "Pepito" married to Dra. Ofelia "Felita" Jacinto

6) Milagros "Ging" married Dr. Juanito "Johnny" Francisco

Born out of the union of Mariano Orosa and Irene Gonzales were:
1) Milagros "Milagring" Gonzales Orosa married to Jose Cabrera Aliling
2) Lilia Gonzales Orosa
3) Reynaldo Gonzales Orosa married Lourdes Encarnacion Goco, then Melecia Eslera
4) Carolina Gonzales Orosa married Romeo Lucero Sarenas

Born out of the union of Mariano Orosa and Gloria Punzalan were:
1) Cesar Jose Punzalan Orosa married Mary Saldana
2) Danilo Punzalan Orosa married Lydia Ramirez
3) Eden Punzalan Orosa married Robert Vincent Kelemen


Unknown said...

My grandfather Felipe Villavicencio Cabrera from Taal Batangas. He told me his mother Simeona Villavicencio and his uncle Father Julian Villavicencio were all from Taal Batangas

Unknown said...

I am the granddaughter of Dr. Celso A Villavicencio and Mary ?? (Maiden name James)